Change is good…

Hey Beautiful Chicas! I pray your New Year is off to a great start! I know many make resolutions and set goals to help jump start the year with a healthy momentum… What better way to give you an extra push than to change up your look? Check out this cute blunt cut below. Payten has never cut her hair before – and wanted to try something different…   

We cut her hair January 2nd — I’d say that’s a bold start to boost some  New Year momentum! What are some of your goals for the up coming year? Please share in the comment section.



Happy New Year!!

“Do it afraid!!” Wishing you all an amazingly exhilarating 2019!! There’s something special about the collective “shift” of the New Year energy… Deny it if you may – but I feel the Newness in the air!! Ready… Set… Go!!🎉✨🎊🎉 #happynewyear2019

Dry/ Peeling / Itcy Skin? We have the solution

It’s that time of the year again… Mutilple layers of clothing, dry air and cold temperatures — the recipe for dry and itchy skin.

Sealing moisture (water)  into our skin is the same concept as sealing moisture into our hair. With less water in the air during the cold season — we must be proactive about feeding our skin and body with the proper nutrients to help compensate for that  lack of moisture deficiency  . Along with “drinking” plenty of water – and limiting sugar intake, what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies.

Our “Joy.Love.Peace Hair and Body Balm” is the quench your skin is calling for! Made with a rich natural blend of  buttery goodness like : Avocado, Shea, Coco along with vitamin and mineral rich oils to help promote soft and supple  skin – by sealing in moisture that tends to escape when skin is dry, cracked and peeling. Best to use after a bath or shower when skin is slightly damp and pores are opened.

You’ll love it!

Available online or in store today!

Wishing you and your family the Happiest of Hoilday’s — Blessings!


Hibernation Season is Upon Us…

Moving a little slow lately? Feeling a little tired? Frustrated? Short tempered? Unmotivated? Hungry? Kinda sad? Woe is me(ish)??? If you’ve answered yes to more than three of these questions – you may be feeling the affect of the season changing. Yes, hibernation season is upon us!

With the lack of sun (Vitamin D), longer days and cooler weather, it’s easy to slip into mild to sometimes severe depression. But I’m here to tell you, sometimes it’s literally all in your mind (no pun intended). I’m not saying to ignore the challenges and situations of life – I’m just stating that if you can recognize what trigger the self loathing thoughts and marry it with the change of seasons, you can be better prepared to battle those blues.

Hybernation in the animal kingdom – is a time to gather, rest and prepare. We as women are always juggling so many things: family – work – relationships – social life, you name it, we handle it!  The summer months lends us the opportunity to fit extra things in and stay in “go” mode, which is great, but we also had the natural energy of the sun and blue skies encouraging our psyche to stay upbeat.  Somehow we miss the memo/instinct of the animal kingdom that it’s time to slow down, gather, rest and prepare… We keep moving full throttle – when nature is telling us otherwise. And because we fight that natural ebb & flow, it doesn’t work on our behalf concerning our mental health.

Im determined this year to be intentional about not letting hybernation season zap the best of me.  I will rest when I need to – yet, I will on purpose do things to keep my spirits up and my body moving. Listed below is some thoughts on combating the blues:

  1.  Prayer (just taking a moment to give thanks puts you in a mind set to count your blessings and not exalt your problems.)
  2. Read – feed your mind and spirit with good substance that’ll inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward.
  3. Clean eating – now this may be a challenge, but the more we feed our body with “live” foods, the lighter and more energetic we’ll become! I’m not saying to forgo brownies, no, we need brownies, and cookies, and peach cobbler — yes, we need this goodness too for sanity sake … It’s called ” BALANCE:) I’m just saying, lean more toward “living” unprocessed foods and watch how much better you’ll feel!
  4. Join a fun class – as the days get longer, and it starts to get dark fast, the only thing most of us want to do is go home. Nothing’s  wrong with home – but it’s cool to be around other people learning something new that interest you! Auntie Oprah said “Happiness is having something to look forward to.” Be it dance, pottery, yoga, writing, French or sewing – having something to look forward to weekly, will help keep your mind sharp and get you out of that seasonal slump. I think I’m gonna learn how to play chess this season!
  5. Exercise – yadda, yadda,yadda… I know we “know” this, but I must list it again here. We have to keep these bodies moving, stretched and active during this resting season. Limbs and muscles gets stiff from all of that sitting and laying in bed. Let’a not even mention the weight gain. Since it’s natural to want to eat more during the colder months for comfort sake, we have to be purposeful about staying active so indulgance don’t take over… Remember, the sun shines again and layers comes off!

If you have any tips to help get over the seasonal blues — please leave them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings — Shan.

Thermal Staightening aka “Blow Outs” aka Silk Press

Hi Beauties!


I hope you ladies are finally getting a chance to enjoy some of this natural Vitamin D (Sunshine)!! With the warmer weather here, keeping our blow outs silky straight – seems to be a nuisance with the extra humidity in the air.

I find that part of the problem with maintaining straight tresses is most ladies use the same “natural” products that they’re using for their fro after hair has been blown out. There lies the problem.  Natural products contain fatty oils that will weigh straight hair down.  After any thermal styling service you should use light moisturizers (as if your hair was relaxed/chemically treated.)  My go to is Kera Care’s “Over Night Treatment.


A little goes a long way — and if those edges poof, put a little Over night Treatment on at night, tie down with your silk or satin scarf — and, voila`! Your edges are silky smooth again.  The frizz is eliminated and hair feels light and soft.  In stock today — make sure to pick up your jar at your next Thermal Straightening appointment.

Peace & Blessings

Hello Summer

Hey Beauties!

Summer “seems” to be here to stay — so the question I get most is “what will I do to my hair with all of this humidity??

This question is consistent amongst naturals as well as relaxer wearers.  I’ll break down a couple suggestions for each — and if you have any suggestions, please share! Each one teach one:)

Let’s start with my naturals:

Natural hair thrives in moist environments –  the goal here is not only to pile on layers and layers of products, actually less is more in these hot and humid summer months.  After a good shampoo and conditioning treatment, lightly coat your hair with a absorbing moisturizing cream, of course I suggest our “Eclectic Hair and Body Cream.”  After that, seal your ends with a light leave in conditioner, I recommend “Giovanni Direct Leave In” it could be purchased at Whole Foods. If you want extra hold, proceed to twist or shingle with Eco Styler Olive gel.

Eclectic Hair & Body Cream

Another suggestion is to keep your ends sealed and protected by either rocking a natural up do, mini twist (that aren’t to be taken down for a couple of weeks, or wash and goes.  Wash and goes don’t last long – and require lots of products for denser hair, however your hair will LOVE the moisture (water) applied on a regular basis!

Relaxer wearers:  It’s def a lot simpler for you ladies, less products, making sure to keep your ends seal by wrapping your hair in a satin scarf at night.  Updo’s, rod or straw sets will help and last longer than heat styling.  Again, the goal (as with natural hair) is to keep those end protected – while looking fly in the process!



I’ll be back soon with more style suggestions and images.

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings<3

A Fresh Start!!

If I could scream I would (but I won’t)!!  So i’ll just take the “DEEPEST” sigh…

10 years of content designing/sharing/and managing my website and guess what?? I had to basically start over from scratch!! To long of a story to go into – but  Major lesson(s) through it all!  10 years of maintaining – someone (that would be me) got a little to laid back in 2016 – put my site  “way back on the back burner” and guess what? It was hacked! Yep! Violated!

The bright side is that I get to offer a fresh approach and new material to my clients.

Please be patient with the site as its redesigned. Same appointment booking link — I’ll be adding the webstore soon.  In the mean time – if you’d like to place a product order, just email me at and i’ll invoice you through Paypal!

Thanks for your continued support…