Hello Summer

Hey Beauties!

Summer “seems” to be here to stay — so the question I get most is “what will I do to my hair with all of this humidity??

This question is consistent amongst naturals as well as relaxer wearers.  I’ll break down a couple suggestions for each — and if you have any suggestions, please share! Each one teach one:)

Let’s start with my naturals:

Natural hair thrives in moist environments –  the goal here is not only to pile on layers and layers of products, actually less is more in these hot and humid summer months.  After a good shampoo and conditioning treatment, lightly coat your hair with a absorbing moisturizing cream, of course I suggest our “Eclectic Hair and Body Cream.”  After that, seal your ends with a light leave in conditioner, I recommend “Giovanni Direct Leave In” it could be purchased at Whole Foods. If you want extra hold, proceed to twist or shingle with Eco Styler Olive gel.

Eclectic Hair & Body Cream

Another suggestion is to keep your ends sealed and protected by either rocking a natural up do, mini twist (that aren’t to be taken down for a couple of weeks, or wash and goes.  Wash and goes don’t last long – and require lots of products for denser hair, however your hair will LOVE the moisture (water) applied on a regular basis!

Relaxer wearers:  It’s def a lot simpler for you ladies, less products, making sure to keep your ends seal by wrapping your hair in a satin scarf at night.  Updo’s, rod or straw sets will help and last longer than heat styling.  Again, the goal (as with natural hair) is to keep those end protected – while looking fly in the process!



I’ll be back soon with more style suggestions and images.

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings<3