Dry/ Peeling / Itcy Skin? We have the solution

It’s that time of the year again… Mutilple layers of clothing, dry air and cold temperatures — the recipe for dry and itchy skin.

Sealing moisture (water)  into our skin is the same concept as sealing moisture into our hair. With less water in the air during the cold season — we must be proactive about feeding our skin and body with the proper nutrients to help compensate for that  lack of moisture deficiency  . Along with “drinking” plenty of water – and limiting sugar intake, what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies.

Our “Joy.Love.Peace Hair and Body Balm” is the quench your skin is calling for! Made with a rich natural blend of  buttery goodness like : Avocado, Shea, Coco along with vitamin and mineral rich oils to help promote soft and supple  skin – by sealing in moisture that tends to escape when skin is dry, cracked and peeling. Best to use after a bath or shower when skin is slightly damp and pores are opened.

You’ll love it!

Available online or in store today!

Wishing you and your family the Happiest of Hoilday’s — Blessings!


Hello Summer

Hey Beauties!

Summer “seems” to be here to stay — so the question I get most is “what will I do to my hair with all of this humidity??

This question is consistent amongst naturals as well as relaxer wearers.  I’ll break down a couple suggestions for each — and if you have any suggestions, please share! Each one teach one:)

Let’s start with my naturals:

Natural hair thrives in moist environments –  the goal here is not only to pile on layers and layers of products, actually less is more in these hot and humid summer months.  After a good shampoo and conditioning treatment, lightly coat your hair with a absorbing moisturizing cream, of course I suggest our “Eclectic Hair and Body Cream.”  After that, seal your ends with a light leave in conditioner, I recommend “Giovanni Direct Leave In” it could be purchased at Whole Foods. If you want extra hold, proceed to twist or shingle with Eco Styler Olive gel.

Eclectic Hair & Body Cream

Another suggestion is to keep your ends sealed and protected by either rocking a natural up do, mini twist (that aren’t to be taken down for a couple of weeks, or wash and goes.  Wash and goes don’t last long – and require lots of products for denser hair, however your hair will LOVE the moisture (water) applied on a regular basis!

Relaxer wearers:  It’s def a lot simpler for you ladies, less products, making sure to keep your ends seal by wrapping your hair in a satin scarf at night.  Updo’s, rod or straw sets will help and last longer than heat styling.  Again, the goal (as with natural hair) is to keep those end protected – while looking fly in the process!



I’ll be back soon with more style suggestions and images.

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings<3