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Hey Chicas!

Here at Alabasta- we’re always presented with the most challenging hair coloring scenarios.  With the exposure of social media- dramatic color inspiration is Every where. And though we love the inspiration, we also know that sometimes the more drastic you go – the more damage you’ll cause… We have a “slow and steady wins the race” mentality around here, we lift color gradually to maintain the  integrity of your tresses. Ex. to reach platinum blond – it may take two or three visits. Why?  Because the faster you lift, the more damage you’ll cause. We live in a instant gratification society, we want what we want right away! But in the long run, it’s a detriment to our over all health and well being. A gentle, steady, more focused approach will produce more solid results…

.Check out our client Tye — this hot Mama’s color was lifted with 4 shades of neutral blond  “over time” and fortified with Olaplex – a bonding conditioning system that strengthens the hair fibers during the coloring process. Olaplex  is an added service- but worth every penny in keeping your tresses in tact from the shock of high lift color/lightener.  Inquire about it when you book your color consultation with us soon!

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