A Fresh Start!!

If I could scream I would (but I won’t)!!  So i’ll just take the “DEEPEST” sigh…

10 years of content designing/sharing/and managing my website and guess what?? I had to basically start over from scratch!! To long of a story to go into – but  Major lesson(s) through it all!  10 years of maintaining – someone (that would be me) got a little to laid back in 2016 – put my site  “way back on the back burner” and guess what? It was hacked! Yep! Violated!

The bright side is that I get to offer a fresh approach and new material to my clients.

Please be patient with the site as its redesigned. Same appointment booking link — I’ll be adding the webstore soon.  In the mean time – if you’d like to place a product order, just email me at schat.alabastabeauty.com and i’ll invoice you through Paypal!

Thanks for your continued support…