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Saturday- December 14th from 4pm until 7pm.

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“Shop Vibes ~ Christmas Sale & Mixer!”

Beautiful Artisan Inspired Accessories and handcrafted Bath, Body, Facial and Hair care products, stocking stuffers, grab bag gifts and more-  up to 50% off!

Plus a laid back environment to help sooth some of those hoilday stresses and cares away! Put us on your calendar for a unique and soulful gift giving experience! Hope to see you there! Blessings ✨🎁🥂

Season Color Change…

Ola Chica’s!


.The season is changing- and if you have high lift color, your hair regimen should change a bit too!

Pro tip💎 If you love a certain tone (gold, red, brown) – stay within that “same” tonal family, just warm the intensity down a bit.  Try to avoid switching to a totally different tonal family (like blonde to red), just to go back blonde in the summer months.  The damage that could cause is sometimes irreversible🤦🏾‍♀️…

A safer approach is – If your hair is a level 9 or above, have your stylist take you down to a level 7 or 8 (again, within the “same” tonal family) – still with a couple pops of highlights for dimension sake. The depth gives the illusion of more shine, in the season that lacks sunshine. As well as acting as a filler to strands that’s been chemically compromised with lighters and high lift colors!

Your color maintenance should be more intentional during the cooler months because of lack of moisture in the air, as well as the wearing of acrylic hats and scarfs. Schedule your appointment for a Ola Plex (bonding) condition treatment. Ola Plex gives chemically treated hair the extra fortification and barriers is need to keep tresses strong and healthy during the cooler months. In some cases, it aids in making hair stronger and shiner than before the actual chemical (color) was applied…

If you’re gonna take the high lift color plunge, do yourself a favor and invest in maintaining it properly!😉

Until time,



Save the Date – Issa Launch!!

***Save the Date*** Saturday, September 28th – 4pm until 7pm “Soul Loveth” Artisan Inspired Accessories- Launch Party/Trunk Show .. Featuring the delectable tastings of Echante Desserts!


Join Alabasta as we introduce our newest line of culturally curated accessories with a artsy/ throwback vibe. Unique pieces that speak to your creativity – giving you the brush (accessories) to paint your own individual style! This line ask the question of “What do you gravitate to naturally?” While providing inspiration (pieces) to discover what your @soulloveth 🖤 << Please Follow on Instagram & Face Book😉🖤 More deets to come soon!

We’re also super excited to partner with @enchantedesserts for this special night — handcrafted/ quality goodies (dip cakes, truffles, cupcakes, cookies and so much more!) Her fun and elegant creations are an experience in itself- and will be available for purchase and custom orders! Def a bonus additional to the evening — you don’t want to miss it!🧁

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Back To School📚

Holla… It’s “Back to School” time! We know the lil Chica’s tresses could use some T.L.C from all of that swimming, braiding, outside playing, traveling and all of the other adventures their hair went through this summer😣!! Book today w/ Teraneka @telashea.thestylist and receive 20% off our “Moisture Mask” deep conditioning service now until September 15th… Mention “Back to School” in the notes!  See ya soon!📚

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Shop Vibes – Mid Summer Sale & Mixer

…Save the date— August 10th! We’re having our Mid Summer Sale & Mixer – with cute accessories, hair care and Bath & Body products up to 60% off, Complimentary Hair Consultations, light refreshments and a chill/laid back time… If you’ve visited our wellness boutique/salon lately and have been eyeing some things, this will be the perfect time to treat yourself!😉#shopvibes

Healthy Hair Color…

Hey Chicas!

Here at Alabasta- we’re always presented with the most challenging hair coloring scenarios.  With the exposure of social media- dramatic color inspiration is Every where. And though we love the inspiration, we also know that sometimes the more drastic you go – the more damage you’ll cause… We have a “slow and steady wins the race” mentality around here, we lift color gradually to maintain the  integrity of your tresses. Ex. to reach platinum blond – it may take two or three visits. Why?  Because the faster you lift, the more damage you’ll cause. We live in a instant gratification society, we want what we want right away! But in the long run, it’s a detriment to our over all health and well being. A gentle, steady, more focused approach will produce more solid results…

.Check out our client Tye — this hot Mama’s color was lifted with 4 shades of neutral blond  “over time” and fortified with Olaplex – a bonding conditioning system that strengthens the hair fibers during the coloring process. Olaplex  is an added service- but worth every penny in keeping your tresses in tact from the shock of high lift color/lightener.  Inquire about it when you book your color consultation with us soon!

Until next time,



To trim or to cut? That is the question…

Ola Chicas!  Wondering why your hair won’t hold a curl anymore, tangled most of the time and dry no matter how much product you apply 🤔… You probably need a hair cut! I know – I know, blasphemy!! You ladies  would rather me say “trim…

If you’re not “trimming” your hair on a regular basis (6 to 8 weeks, or seasonal) – you’ll probably need more than just a trim — you’ll need a “haircut!” Regular maintenance can mean the difference between less than 1/2 inch to 2 or 3 inches..


The longer you wait – the more you’ll lose later🤷🏽‍♀️… Contact your stylist today (if you’re reading this post – schedule right here — we’re here for a reason! #PSA #dustthoseends  #haircut #naturalhair #naturalhairstyles #naturalhairstylist #relaxedhair #healthyhairtips #hairstylist #alabastabeauty #oakpark #chicago

Exhale 🌱

This crazy weather has been all over the place lately!!😑🙄… If sinus problems or congestion has been an issue for you this season – our “Exhale” herbal decongestant is the perfect solution. Loaded with botanicals that gently soothes and open your nasal passages causing you to breathe deeper and simply…. Exhale🌱 Order on line or stop in the shop to purchase! #handcrafted

Slow & Steady

Hey Beauties,

I get lots of questions on ways to transition from chemically treated to natural hair. My answer is always “every journey (approach) is different.”  Some ladies choose to grow it out a couple of inches and chop it off – yet, some are just not ready or don’t desire to rock their hair super short. Natural hair is so much deeper than just “a style” – it’s something that takes some getting use to, especially if all you’ve ever known is silky straight relaxed hair. Trust me, I understand. It’s not for the faint at heart.

It’s a big step no matter what route you decide to take, just remember, you have to do what’ comfortable for you — and you don’t have to rush the process.

The following images show our naturalista finally decided to chop off her straight ends after almost 2 years of growing it out chemical free.  She was extremely nervous, but ready to embrace this journey. Hey transition styling over the years consisted of thermal styling (flat ironing) – flat twist (with straight ends set on perm rods) – and rod sets. She had a goal in mind – and she stuck to it.. You can too!

We blew her out to give a precise cut – and finished her hair with finger coils — she brings a very loose (almost wavy curl to the table), so in her case this would be considered a wash and go w/ a little curl manipulation and product.  Again, every journey and approach is unique, we work as a team to design the best regimen for you.  Book your consultation soon to help get you on your  way!

***Products used***

On dripping wet hair – in the order listed:

~Eclectic Hair Cream (Alabasta)

~Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner

~Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

Until next time,